Publication A unique, world-class journal truly dedicated to European management

In 40+ years, the European Management Journal has become one of the world’s (and certainly Europe’s) top management journals. 

A flagship scholarly journal publishing internationally leading research across all areas of management, the European Management Journal (EMJ) is owned by ESCP Business School and the University of Glasgow. “During its 40 years of quality publication journey, the EMJ has contributed immensely in the advancement of the theory and its application in the field of strategy and management by publishing impactful research in all aspects of management,” summed up Ramulu Bhukya, Justin Paul, Minas Kastanakis, and current Editor-in-Chief Sarah Robinson (University of Glasgow) when the EMJ turned 40.

But it took some time: “EMJ started as a humble business letter in 1982, with a focus on business practitioners, and is now counted among the top scholarly journals in management,” stated London campus Professor Minas Kastanakis when he became Editor-in-Chief of the European Management Journal in 2018. He then listed all the key statistics to support this claim - which have all improved since then -, before adding that the journal's papers are highly cited by scholars from all over the world and are influential not only in management/business fields but also in social sciences, economics, engineering, decision science, computer science, environmental science and psychology, as well as in other domains.

Evolution of EMJ's Impact Factor

This is not to say that Minas Kastanakis should be given all the credit. “All former editors from the University of Glasgow and ESCP contributed to making EMJ what it is today, especially Hervé Laroche because he gave the journal a direction,” claims ESCP Professor Maral Muratbekova-Touron, who joined the EMJ as a Co-Editor (in Chief) in March 2022 and will take over from Sarah Robinson in 2024.

A unique position in the market

Minas Kastanakis himself reflected that past Michael Haenlein's editorship “signalled EMJ's entry into the big league of management journals and his ideas not only shape and define the journal today but also influence its vision for years to come.”

When the beginning of his tenure in 2012, the latter considered that EMJ held “a unique position in the market by being the only cross-discipline scholarly journal that publishes research on a broad range of management topics of relevance for managers, public policy makers and consumers within Europe. Different to most other academic outlets, EMJ is not domain specific, which allows it to have a broad and transversal perspective on a multitude of different management issues.”

A forum for discussing European management

Michael Haenlein's editorship was challenging for all constituents of the journal, since the annual number of submissions nearly doubled over (from 410 manuscripts in 2012 to 703 in 2014) - they have now exceeded 1,000 per year. “Handling those papers would not have been possible without the help of my team of past and current associate editors, who represent the cornerstone of the new EMJ governance structure that I created at the beginning of my tenure,” he explained at the end of it.

He also introduced a new column titled Reflections on Europe to advance the debate on what constitutes a European approach to management scholarship. “Since the first column in the series, which offered a definition of European management as ‘a cross-cultural, societal management approach based on interdisciplinary principles’ (Kaplan, 2014), we have run several contributions dealing with the distinctiveness and relevance of European management research (Chia, 2014; Hernes, 2014). The European Management Journal is the perfect outlet for this type of debate, and we are happy to provide a platform for it.”