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The Digital Transformation Facilitator blended programme certified by ESCP will take place in Paris at the end of January for the third time.

The 2020 Talent Forum, which is scheduled on 28 and 29 January at the Docks de Paris Aubervilliers, is a sequel to the Digital Transformation Facilitator blended programme designed in two steps (two days of training on-site, one day online) and certified by ESCP in collaboration with Netexplo, the reference observatory of digital innovations. Based on the teachings of important international studies carried out in 2018 and 2019 with IFOP (Institut français d'opinion publique) and digital transformation experts, the programme provides participants with academic knowledge and best practices drawn from the experiences of major international groups.

Like the past years’ events, it is placed under the pedagogical responsibility of ESCP, whose Professors will provide thematic training useful for conducting digital transformation projects. In addition to the masterminds of the inaugural edition - Dean and Executive President Frank Bournois, Senior Fellow Alexandre Tissot –, other ESCP faculty members shall contribute to the success of the third one: Marion Festing, the Scientific Director of its Intercultural Management Chair ; Emmanuelle Léon, who just launched the Revinventing Work Chair ; and Cécile Dejoux.

As a reminder, here is a presentation  of the Digital Transformation Facilitator online certificate offered by ESCP, and what the first certified facilitators had to say about it.