Did you know that for the last few years, sustainable associations have been flourishing on ESCP campuses?

Some of them are more oriented to corporate changes and business strategies, others are more focused on innovation and SMEs, but all have a common goal: spreading awareness and positive change for the world of tomorrow.

The beginning of the academic year has been marked by several great initiatives and projects, such as the close collaboration between all the sustainable students’ associations of the school, namely oikos International (present on Berlin campus), NOISE ESCP Business School (Paris campus), Lighthouse ESCP (Madrid campus) and GEA Sustainability ESCP (Turin and London). Every month, representatives of each association gather on an online meeting  with all of the sustainability contacts for the school and share some insights and ideas about future projects and possible collaborations.

We really look forward to implementing even more projects and events together with all the other green association in ESCP Business School, and even if we all managed to pursue our activities and meeting in spite of the pandemic, we cannot wait to build even more projects in person.



Special thanks to GEA’s Alix Clément for writing this article.