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Professor Marion Festing talked about recent developments and experiences from digital teaching innovations like ESCP’s serious game about intercultural management.

“Context is often what characterizes particularities of IHRM (international human resources management). For a long time, cultural context was equated with national cultural values investigated in prominent intercultural studies conducted by Hofstede or GLOBE. This led to an intense research program and an oversimplification of the topic in teaching,” explains Professor Marion Festing. “More recent intercultural research addressing cultural value archetypes, norms, schemata, the situated dynamic framework, cultural mosaic or polyculturalism provides a more differentiated view on culture. This webinar will discuss teaching innovations that integrate latest thinking on understanding and teaching about culture and diversity.”
One illustrative example she used is Moving Tomorrow, a serious game developed at ESCP Business School based on insights from experiential learning theory. It includes key concepts relevant to the cultural context in IHRM in a story telling design, where students have to take decisions that impact on how the story pans out. The overall goal of the game is that the learners value diversity, understand the implications for human interactions and IHRM, and act in a more inclusive way. The experiential game has been included in a blended design using roleplays, case studies, group discussions etc. in various countries.

Prof. Festing's webinar is part of the IHRM Webinar Series that replaced the IHRM 2020 Conference, which was supposed to be organized by and take place at ESCP Business School in June.
She was interviewed on 14 September by Professor Maral Muratbekova, who was also the IHRM 2020 Conference’s Chair.