Introducing We All Make Mistakes, the podcast with the mission to challenge what it means to be successful. And to show you that people at the top of their games have not always made perfect choices. Reassuring, right?

We All Make Mistakes is powered by ESCP’s media, The Choice, and hosted by Ben Voyer, a professor of entrepreneurship at ESCP and a behavioral scientist.

“When thinking of success, we often feel that the most successful people have done everything perfectly. There is, however, so much that can be learned from not getting things right the first time. Learning from mistakes and setbacks is perhaps the most critical skill for long-term success.”
Ben Voyer

Making mistakes, experiencing difficulties, regretting our choices might cause us to feel defeated, lose our self-confidence, or even want to quit. But what comes after the challenges and mistakes is even more important and rewarding. These setbacks can open a path towards evolution and growth that you never expected. 

Human nature is resilient, and as the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, the best leaders know how to make lemonade.
We will be tackling this topic across a handful of episodes with guests that represent success in all its forms, from traditional industries like insurance and luxury to a climate startup and even ceramic art.

Episode one: Dame Inga Beale on embracing your identity

For the first episode of We All Make Mistakes, Ben Voyer speaks with Dame Inga Beale, the former and first female CEO of Lloyd’s of London.
Recognised as a role model throughout the LGBTQ+ community as well as one of the most successful businesswomen in the insurance sector, Inga Beale has many impressive titles. To the point where one might wonder: has Inga Beale ever made a mistake? Ben Voyer digs in to learn how Inga Beale became the successful and inspiring leader she is today.

Episode two: Emmanuel Boos on the art form of mistakes

When it comes to artistic practices, people will tell you it takes a lot of mistakes before you can reach perfection. But what is perfection, exactly? Professor of entrepreneurship and behavioural scientist Ben Voyer speaks with ceramic artist Emmanuel Boos about how he learned to play with and enjoy his mistakes.

Episode three: Plan A CEO Lubomila Jordanova on environmental leadership

Our podcast host Professor Ben Voyer speaks with one of the most influential CEOs in the cleantech industry right now: Lubomila Jordanova.

Because “climate change is everyone’s business”, Lubomila Jordanova created Plan A, an award-winning platform for business carbon accounting, decarbonisation and ESG reporting. In this episode, Lubomila discusses the many challenges and breakthroughs she had on her path to founding Plan A and how she practices the subtle art of leading by example, especially when it comes to mental health.

Episode Bonus: Discussing women in leadership with the first female CEO of a three-century-old insurance market

Right on time for the International Day of Women’s Rights, the former and first female CEO of a three-century-old insurance market shared with us her experience growing as a woman leader, the role model that made a difference, and how she accepted the mission to be this role model for other women and beyond. Listen to Dame Inga Beale on We All Make Mistakes.

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“At ESCP Business School, we believe that in business, as in life, everything starts with choices. And it is by making such choices that we give meaning to business. As leaders, our choices can define the world we live in.”