In Memoriam (1934-2023)
Passing of Bruno Leblanc, ESCP Professor and architect of the school's European model

With a heavy heart we announce to the ESCP community that on Sunday, September 10, 2023, Professor Bruno Leblanc passed away in Berlin at the age of 89. With his departure, ESCP Business School not only lost a highly esteemed faculty member but also the architect of the European structure and a great visionary that defines the business school today.

Following his own education in multiple European countries and beyond, as well as a series of early career advancements Professor Leblanc assumed leadership of EAP – École des Affaires de Paris in 1979, which had campuses in France, England, and Germany and is now an integral part of ESCP Business School.

Among his numerous achievements were the state recognition of the school by the German government, the establishment of a fourth campus in Madrid, and the creation of a truly international student body at all campuses. Professor Leblanc was fluent in seven languages, had served as an officer in the French army, and held a doctoral degree from Oxford. He remains etched in our memories as a most brilliant thinker in economics, business, and politics. Among many talents, he had the ability to captivate any audience with stellar intellect, wisdom and humor.

To students, colleagues, and all who have met or known him, he will serve in our memory as an exemplar, and we already miss him deeply. All our sympathies go to his family.

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