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I joined ESCP's Executive MBA (EMBA) programme in 2017 with the goal of climbing the corporate ladder. At that time, I couldn’t have imagined that two years later I would launch my own business, a sales advisory company that helps tech startups grow their revenues. I knew that the EMBA programme would give me more technical business knowledge, but it also did much more: it fundamentally changed who I am, my life plans and goals. Today, I highly value the network of peers from all over the world which I took with me from my EMBA experience. I know that I can rely on them for advice and support in whatever I do.  

My business idea was born during an EMBA study trip to the USA. I met a few tech company founders and we intensely discussed their business challenges, many which revolved critically around the sales process. On the way back to Europe, I spoke to one of my fellow EMBA students who was working in the VC industry. This conversation helped me shape and validate my business idea. I then started talking to more of my fellow EMBA students who were running their own businesses and who had experienced career changes, including those who worked in sales and marketing sectors. This process helped me come up with my business plan. My EMBA business network enabled me to spread the news about my business, and shortly after I successfully gained my first clients. A few weeks later, Liinea Sales Advisory was born, providing sales consulting, training and sales outsourcing for our clients. Today, my team has grown to consist of six and I even met some of my colleagues within the walls of ESCP Business School. 

I know that all this would have never happened had I not made the first step and enrolled in the EMBA programme at ESCP. I remember that my biggest doubt was “is it the right time? Should I wait for another year or two?”. Today I know that every minute is precious. The doom and gloom that started in early 2020 with Covid-19 and it's yet to be felt economic downturn forces us all to take much more control of our future. It is difficult to succeed alone. The EMBA provides not only critical business knowledge, but also a priceless network of business professionals who will help you thrive, no matter how challenging the future might be. 

Karina Collis, Executive MBA class of 2019, founder of liinea.com 


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