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Read about Ishan Babbar, ESCP Europe MBA in International Management alumnus.
Ishan is currently Senior Consultant at Mazar.

1. Can you tell us a little about yourself and your background? Where are you from, where did you study and where did you work before you started your MBA in International Management at ESCP Europe?

Ishan Babbar

My name is Ishan Babbar and I am from New Delhi. I am an Information technology undergraduate from a reputed university in New Delhi with more than 7 years of experience in data science and analytics. Before my MBA I worked with some financial industry giants like American Express and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

2. Why did you choose to do an MBA?

Ishan Babbar

I wanted to enhance my horizon in terms of geography and to understand the nuances of business and the related processes. Having been a data guy all my life, it was very important to understand the technical as well as the business aspects of the projects that you are working on, and in my point of view pursuing an MBA was the best amalgamation of technology and business that would help me in my future career and leadership roles.

3. Why did you choose the ESCP Europe MBA in International Management specifically?

Ishan Babbar

ESCP is one of the oldest and the best institutes to pursue a business degree and as I had heard some very good things from alumni I know personally, I thought to pursue my MBA here. The two-campus rotation programme is perfect for a person like me who wants to understand different cultures, economies and have a diversified experience at the end.

4. Can you share with us a memorable experience during your MBA that had a significant and lasting impact on your life, professional or personal?

Ishan Babbar

The best moment I would say was from the Entrepreneurship lecture with Prof Jack Fuchs. We really did some ground-breaking work in presenting ideas that we want to realise in the future. To get his feedback and to hear that that he is really interested in my project and sees a lot of potential in it was a great experience. Prof Jack Fuchs gave me some deep insights as to how I should pursue this further and how it could be a game changer.

5. Could you tell us about the most difficult challenge that you faced during the year?

Ishan Babbar

The most challenging task is to adjust to new groups every time you change campus and in between the semesters. But that’s the entire point of the programme and you must perceive it as a positive challenge.

6. What were the main takeaways from your year as a student of the MBA in International Management at ESCP Europe? Where they the ones you were expecting?

Ishan Babbar

My main takeaways were to be a better professional who understands the nuances of business well, but also to make sure that you can sell the right thing to any audience, regardless of their initial interest. This MBA taught me to be confident in terms of presenting things to such an audience, to be a person who has the relevant knowledge and who says the right thing at the correct time. This is one of many takeaways I gained during my year-long journey here at ESCP Europe, and this is exactly what I expected.

7. How did the programme help to improve your professional success? What features of the MBA do you think you will most apply in your career?

Ishan Babbar

Understanding the concepts of strategies, placing your product to the right set of audience for maximum reach, how to build your own venture, the concepts of leadership taught by Prof Kerstin Alfes were very important features that I learnt during my MBA and are the things that I shall be applying in the future.

8. Could you tell us a little bit about where you see yourself in the future, career-wise?

Ishan Babbar

I see myself as head of a data analytics department in the next 5 to 7 years and then CDO in the next 10 to 15 years. I am clear about my career choices and I want to make sure that I stay focused in the same area.

9.  And finally, what types of candidates do you think should apply to this particular programme, and what would be your advice to these future applicants?

Ishan Babbar

I think candidates who are serious about their professional careers and who particularly believes in the concept of diversity and inclusion should definitely apply to this programme. My advice, from the start of the application, is to be truthful in your application process: be as true as you can about the matters that are asked in the application. And once you are selected and are on campus, let ESCP Europe take you forward. Attend all the events organised by the school along with the career fairs and believe me, you will see a change in yourself after one productive and challenging year at ESCP Europe.

10. Can name three words that best describe the ESCP Europe MBA in International Management?

Ishan Babbar

Enlightening, Professional, Fun (A lot of it 😊)

Thank you very much Ishan, for taking the time to speak to us!