On Monday, May 23, the Madrid Community presented the Spanish and Hispanic Universities Chair in an event chaired by the president of the Madrid Community, Isabel Díaz Ayuso. This Chair, whose objective is to value history and culture, will be directed by ESCP Business School Adjunct Professor, Manuel Lucena Giraldo, CSIC historian and ABC collaborator. The Literature Nobel Prize, Mario Vargas Llosa, has been named honorary president of this institution.

The Chair created through the Madrid+d Knowledge Foundation and the Spanish Office seeks to vindicate the role of this language as an economic and social engine in the world, being the second most widely spoken language worldwide with 580 million Spanish speakers. Specifically, this initiative will support  the dissemination by university institutions, from an academic and scientific point of view, of content around the relevance, legacy and richness of the language, as well as the study of history and the ties with other peoples and countries. This initiative will also serve to finance research by universities in the region on the history of Spain and the value of its language in the world.