‘Managing Transnational Groups’ symposium.

Geopolitical and regulatory risks have become top concerns for global boards.

In addition, the meltdowns over the past years have increasingly sent a message to directors: you must become active and engage in quality growth strategies. Global risk is complex, to say the least. And the complexity of it is underlined by key local liabilities and protections.

In an environment where global risk oversight and engagement in strategic thinking are a priority, boards must set a global culture to allow effective implementation of the thinking on top, as well as set clear processes for assessing and managing risk from bottom up. How is this complex set of priorities to be achieved by companies and their boards?

This second symposium of the KPMG “Professorship in International Corporate Governance” took place in January 2017.

It aimed to explore the opportunities and challenges for directors serving in a transnational group, with the participation of qualified leading figures from the legal, business, financial and communication world.

Moderators & Welcome

David Chekroun KPMG Professor in International Corporate Governance, ESCP
Val MyteberiAssistant Dean, Cardozo School of Law
Patrick-Hubert PetitKPMG partner and President of the Audit Committee Institute, France

Published on 07/04/2017

Adam Smith Interview - 'Managing Transnational Groups' Symposium

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Peter Herbel - 'Managing Transnational Groups' Symposium

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Sophie L’Hélias Interview - 'Managing Transnational Groups' Symposium

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Tony Fratto Interview - 'Managing Transnational Groups' Symposium

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