Infranity concludes a partnership sponsor with ESCP Business School and its Foundation

Infranity has entered into a partnership with ESCP Business School to promote sustainable finance, and will be taking part in the Master in Management programme.

As part of the "The Green CFO" specialisation for M1 and M2 students, Infranity will be sharing its know-how and experience through concrete examples, offering a practical illustration to students enrolled in this financial career who want to specialise in this field.

Infranity, a leading infrastructure asset management company, offers attractive investment solutions based on the asset class's resilience and stable long-term returns, as well as its ability to contribute to sustainable development. Infranity aims to respond to the major challenges facing society, such as the energy transition, green mobility, the digital transition and the improvement of social infrastructure in the health and education sectors. Sustainable investment has been part of the company's DNA since its inception, and all investments undergo an ambitious ESG selection process. This positioning, combined with a high degree of selectivity in the investment process, enables Infranity to generate sustainable financial and extra-financial performance for its institutional clients. 
During the semester, several members of Infranity's investment and sustainability teams will share their expertise with the students. Infranity will also be able to offer dissertation topics or internships to students, enabling them to apply the knowledge they have acquired to the various asset management professions.
In addition, dedicated scholarships for female students will also be offered to encourage parity and gender diversity in the world of finance. 

“We are delighted to support "The Green CFO" specialisation at ESCP Business School. Responding to the desire of the next generation to give meaning to their career path, and showing how lucky they are to be able to exercise an exciting profession in line with their convictions, a profession where the impact of investments can be observed immediately and over time, is the spirit that drives our partnership with ESCP Business School. Congratulations to ESCP for its commitment to sustainable finance through this specialisation. Students can count on Infranity to help them develop their aspirations and ambitions for sustainable finance.” emphasises Gilles Lengaigne, co founder of Infranity.

"I am really thrilled about this partnership with Infranity, which will bring into my finance specialisation the professional pragmatism every student aspires to. Together, we will tackle major climate and societal challenges, responding to the sobriety imperatives dictated by new lifestyles. This partnership represents an opportunity to instill in our students an in-depth understanding of project financing linked to the crucial issues of our time. I am convinced that this collaboration will bring significant value, preparing our students to play a key role in building a more sustainable future", adds Christophe Thibierge, Professor of Finance at ESCP.

Infranity, an innovator in investment and constantly on the lookout for leaders and talent, will benefit from a privileged contact with ESCP's Career Center, support teaching innovation and contribute its expertise to the ESCP "Green CFO" programme taught by Professor Christophe Thibierge