François Valverde was born in Paris to Spanish parents, and entered the school just at the end of the Second World War.

His Schoolyears

He spent his schoolyears there, first taking his baccalaureate and then his law degree, all the while getting up early to make deliveries at 4 a.m. for his father's business.

His graduation in 1946

After his graduation in 1946, he became the sales director at Kléber Colombes, the 2nd largest tire manufacturer in France at the time, before taking up the position of general secretary of Messier, an aeronautical equipment manufacturer.

François Valverde and the Alumni Association

At the same time, François Valverde was very involved both in the Alumni Association and in the development of the school, since he greatly contributed to the creation of the Executive Education division in 1968.

After retiring,

After retiring, he continued to be present at school by leading the Active Seniors group, which has long played a key role in collecting the Apprenticeship Tax for the benefit of the school. Each year, about twenty Alumni volunteered and gave generously of their time to contact other Alumni and convince them to direct their payments to their Alma Mater.

Founder of a Rotary Club

François Valverde is the founder of the Rotary Club of his city, continues to lead the Senior Groups of ESCP and HEC (as a graduate of their CPA programme as well), contributes to the ESCP Alumni Magazine, as a member of the Editorial Board, and of all our graduates, definitely remains the youngest!