In May and June, The Choice highlighted quite a few professors and PhD candidates’ knowledge. Here is a selection

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How to leverage AI tools like ChatGPT to do your job faster and better

With ESCP expert Héctor González-Jiménez

Generative AI could spark a productivity boom that would deliver a major economic dividend. The Choice spoke to Héctor González-Jiménez about how to navigate the rise of AI tools — and avoid being supplanted by AI.

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2. More Top Stories

  1. How to measure business impact on society and the environment

    Prof. Alisa Sydow provides a three-step playbook for quantifying these costs — information that can empower you to take positive action.

  2. AI can replicate human creativity in two key ways – but falls apart when asked to produce something truly new

    The recent hype around generative AI tools raises new questions about whether creativity is a uniquely human skill.

  3. How to avoid greenwashing

    As consumers and investors embrace sustainability, companies are often keen to shout about their green moves. But doing so is risky, requiring a strategic approach.

3. Too Long; Didn't Read

TL;DR of the month, The Choice

How to avoid greenwashing

Cécile Dejoux reflects on the disengagement of the workforce, as shown by the State of the Global Workplace: 2022 report and the ‘quiet quitting’ and ‘great resignation’ phenomena among others.

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4. In case you missed it

Play Games Have Fun !

Agile, Inclusive, and Responsible: The New Frontiers of Leadershipspan>

The challenges faced by companies in recent years have necessitated changes in business models and impacted the style of management and leadership.

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Four non-tech conditions for AI to improve performance

Prof. Louis-David Benyayer derives four performance drivers from research about the factors influencing the success of artificial intelligence initiatives.

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Am I the toxic colleague in my workplace?

Toxic colleagues are a scourge of the workplace. But there are ways to recognise and thwart toxicity before it grows and festers in your organisation.

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Do we have more ‘teachable moments’ in the office, or outside of it?

Peter Vanham comments on an article from the FT reporting that BlackRock was citing ‘teaching moments’ as the reason why it was calling employees back to the office four days a week.

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How brands can stand out when everyone is a content creator

Marie Taillard, L’Oréal Professor of Creativity Marketing at ESCP Business School, explains why brands need to engage with content creators more than ever.

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“For a robot, earning trust is not just a matter of good visual design”

Héctor González-Jiménez comments on an article claiming that the aspect of a robot could be determinant in earning trust.

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In liberated companies, purpose challenges the dictatorship of profit

Leaders who empower their teams are more likely to put the organisation’s purpose at the centre of their decision-making, assert Emilie Poli and Eymeric Guinet.

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