ESCP launches the new Diversity and Inclusion project, which will strengthen the core values of the Business School. It is an important initiative by the ESCP Turin Campus, which will involve the entire staff. Administrators, Affiliate and Full Faculty Professors will go back to school to develop Diversity Management skills.

The Business School is truly international and every year welcomes students from all around the world. The project is an opportunity to deepen the understanding of multiculturalism and gender diversity, creating an open and inclusive environment.

Barilla and ESCP have more than a decade of fruitful collaboration. Because in recent years Barilla has become a symbol of excellence in the matter of diversity, the business school looked to the company for its expertise and experience when developing the training course.

The project includes a training day that will examine Cultural Diversity in 360 degrees. The course will be held at the Turin Campus and led by teachers Fernando Salvetti and Barbara Bertagni, from LogosNet.

The training, delivered over two different days in June and November 2020, includes three coaching modules. The first two, which will be attended by all participants, are Cultural and Gender Diversity and Intercultural Communication Techniques, while the third one will be divided into professors and employees. The professors will attend a course on Public Speaking in a multicultural setting while the module for the staff will examine Sales, Accounting, and Client Needs Analysis.

We need intercultural competences to work in a global context. Learning how to listen to, as well as interact effectively with, people from different cultures, values, norms, languages and traditions can only improve human and business relationships.