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ESCP Extension: ESCP launches programme to make training accessible to all

An innovative and inclusive continuing education initiative aimed at accelerating professional transitions

To respond to major transformations in the economic world, and accelerate the transition to the professions of the future, ESCP is launching ESCP Extension, a continuing education initiative inspired by the Extension School model in North America.
ESCP Extension’s first two programmes are aimed at current employees, transitioning or undergoing professional training, who want to accelerate their career transition and acquire the skills required for ecological and digital transformation.

We are very proud to launch ‘ESCP Extension’, a further demonstration of our commitment to supporting the development of the skills needed to address the major transformations of our world. By offering innovative, high-quality training leading to certification at an affordable price, we are fully assuming our role to serve the public interest and contribute, at our level, to achieving full employment in France.

Professor Léon LaulusaProfessor Léon Laulusa
President & Dean

ESCP Extension: meeting the challenges of the digital and ecological transformations with excellence

ESCP Extension programmes respond to several challenges :

  • The accelerating obsolescence of skills
  • The emergence of new skills linked to ecological and digital transformations
  • The evolution of professions, mobility and professional retraining

The programmes are designed for mid-level managers, who are faced with these major challenges.

Developed in close collaboration with professionals from the business and public sectors, the courses are taught by professors and experts from the ESCP network. These certification programmes, delivered primarily online, total 150 hours over 8 months and are designed to be taken part-time. Starting with a core curriculum focusing on new forms of management and project management, each programme then develops its own specific themes.
The digital track centres on two main topics: low-code/no-code and the use of AI in a professional setting. The ecological track revisits the regulatory framework (in particular the CSRD) before tackling four key areas: decarbonisation, waste management, biodiversity and the circular economy. Each participant benefits from personalised support throughout their training. The programmes are currently available only in France for a French-speaking audience.

Training available to all from Autumn 2024

ESCP Extension aims to be accessible to all, particularly employees who would not naturally seek out a business school to fortify their skills portfolio. To this end, these first training programmes, which cost €4,850, have been designed to be covered by a personal training account (CPF) or be easily incorporated into companies' skills development plans. This new training offer reinforces ESCP's commitment to open and inclusive education.

The first cohort will begin in the autumn of 2024 and welcome 200 participants. By 2026, the school aims to welcome more than 2,000 students each year, with a firm commitment to facilitating access to training for all.

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Dominique Pépin

Dominique Pépin
ESCP Extension Director
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Yseult de Ferrière

Yseult de Ferrière
Head of Studies
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