TUM Entrepreneurship Report Results
ESCP Berlin Campus Leads the Way in German University Rankings

In the most recent Entrepreneurship Report released by the Technical University of Munich (TUM), ESCP Berlin has achieved remarkable results, securing the top spot in 8 out of 9 categories relative to its student population size. Notably, ESCP Berlin ranks first in terms of the total number of startups per 10.000 students among all universities in Germany.

A key factor in the innovative potential of any economy is the research and development activities of its educational institutions, and the natural next step in transferring that knowledge to society is by training and cultivating emerging start-ups and their founders. This annual Entrepreneurship Report was established in order to quantify and compare entrepreneurial outcomes across German universities. Its unique ranking system goes beyond traditional assessments, considering not only the absolute and relative number of startups associated with the university but also analyses other critical factors such as funding and valuation.

René Mauer, ESCP professor and coordinator of the European Jean-Baptiste Say Institute for Entrepreneurship, expressed his satisfaction with this recognition, stating, "I am pleased with the recognition of our entrepreneurial community in the latest Entrepreneurship Ranking by the Technical University of Munich. I continue to be inspired by the dynamic European entrepreneurship scene and the impressive success stories of our founders."

At the heart of ESCP’s foundation and legacy is entrepreneurship and innovation. Founded in 1819, ESCP’s goal is to educate purpose-driven leaders who understand the social and environmental responsibilities that businesses bear in an ever-changing world. Our 200-year+ DNA is rooted in interdisciplinarity, innovation, and multiculturalism, approaches that inform the way we lead and move forward. In particular, the Jean-Baptiste Say Institute for Entrepreneurship was founded at ESCP to continue carrying forth the mission of training entrepreneurs and leaders.

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