On June 20th, the inaugural cohort of the Femstory mentoring program, designed to empower emerging female talent in finance, concluded under the auspices of the Women in Finance chair. Based on the fact that women are under-represented in the finance industry, this Chair aims to identify the reasons behind this state of affairs, as well as the best practices and pitfalls. Its objective is to attract, retain and promote women in finance.

Femstory bridges the gap between female students and young professionals aspiring to careers in finance with seasoned industry experts. By demystifying the finance sector, the program provides mentees with invaluable insights and guidance to effectively navigate their careers.

The first cohort, comprising 39 mentoring pairs, embarked on their journey with a joint kick-off event for all mentors and mentees on February 15th, 2024.

During this ceremony, mentees shared their experiences, lessons learned, and the challenges they encountered. They described it as an enriching experience where they discovered the importance of self-awareness and identifying their interests. They also learned to seize opportunities to explore different avenues.

While initially hesitant to disclose their weaknesses, mentees found it easier to open up as they got to know each other better.

The mentorship journey is designed not merely as a series of meetings but as a transformative path of professional growth and personal development. Participants are matched based on shared interests and experiences to foster meaningful connections. The program aims not only to guide the next generation of female leaders in the financial sector but also to reshape the industry's narrative towards greater inclusivity and equity.

For more information about the Women in finance chair, follow the link.