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Frank Bournois and Bruno de Monte, Managing Directors of ESCP and FERRANDI Paris, have signed a double degree agreement between the two institutions.


A launch at the beginning of the 2019 academic year

For students who meet the academic and selection requirements of the two institutions, this agreement will offer the opportunity to obtain ESCP’s Master in Management, as well as the Master of Science in Hotel Management from FERRANDI Paris.

Thus, an ESCP student, having completed all the fundamental first year courses on the Master of Management, may apply to enter the second year of the Master of Science in Hotel Management at FERRANDI Paris. Conversely, a student holding the two diplomas awarded by FERRANDI Paris in hotel management (Bachelor and Master of Science in Hotel Management) may join ESCP’s Master in Management. This is a very selective double degree. Only a maximum of three students per year will be selected. The applications review is currently in progress for an effective start of the programme at the beginning of the 2019-2020 academic year.

The Hosted Institute

Through this agreement, ESCP and FERRANDI Paris strengthen their existing partnership and demonstrate their complementarity; FERRANDI Paris being recognised as one of the major players in gastronomy and hotel management, and ESCP as one of the best European business schools. This agreement is part of the Hosted Institute, created by the two schools in 2018, whose ambition is to create a leading centre in Europe in the field of hotel management training and research.

A dual profile training approach

ESCP’s Master in Management programme is committed to a dual profile training approach in order to meet the needs of companies and the growing demand from students to personalise their individual careers. Thanks to several double degrees like this one, offered in partnership with renowned institutions, we offer our students the opportunity to specialize and thus differentiate themselves on the job market.

B. de Monte et F. Bournois