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The MSc in Digital Transformation Management & Leadership (MDT) at ESCP Business School provides students with a solid understanding of the impact of digital transformation in the current technology-driven trends by providing an opportunity to learn and approach innovative technologies.

Participants develop a deep understanding of the business side of such frontier technologies as:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data
  • Blockchain
  • Robotics
  • Social Media
  • Internet of Things

as well as the processes linked to these technologies, including automation, business analytics, project management and others.

The programme takes a non-traditional business education approach while maintaining academic rigour, and focuses on getting students as much practical experience in managing real-life digital transformation projects as possible.

For students from the 'Industry and Automation' specialisation track, the MDT offers a unique course on automation, robotics and flexible manufacturing technologies in partnership with Comau, a world-leading company in the field of industrial automation. It provides new ways to interact with technology and enhance human-machine collaboration. The session was delivered by:

  • Ezio Fregnan - Comau Academy Director
  • Giusseppe Daqua - Comau Academy Training Specialist
  • Joshua Poolton - Comau Sales Account Robotics & Automation Products

In addition to MDT students, ESCP London Campus extended the invitation to attend to Master in Management and Bachelor in Management (BSc) students who showed interest in the field.

Over two days, students gained valuable experience and insights in robotics by using and programming real industrial robots. The centrepiece was Comau’s modular open-source e.DO manufacturing robots. Students learnt how to control the robots with various programming tools.

The company also presented their exoskeleton, MATE - wearable ergonomic support that work in tandem with the user. Exoskeletons are placed on the user's body to reinforce or restore human performance in given tasks. 

The learning did not stop there. Students also learnt about IoT, AI and analytics, as well as completing a supply chain business game simulation, with teams competing against each other.

Learning outcomes of the Automation, Robotics and Flexible Manufacturing Technologies module

Knowledge of:

  • Digital transformation scenarios
  • Business considerations on pillars of Industry 4.0
  • Operation and application of industrial robotics

Skills in:

  • Critical reasoning
  • Computational thinking
  • Team working
  • Communications