Last month, 160 Professors and 30 staff members attended the 2024 Full Faculty Meeting in Madrid.

Every year, the Full Faculty Meeting reinforces the school’s European dimension.

“It was a real pleasure seeing so many faculty members in person during our Full Faculty Meeting,” explained Faculty Dean Pramuan Bunkanwanicha. “The event was a great success and feedback showed that faculty members highly value this moment during which they can meet colleagues in a friendly atmosphere and work together on key topics.” 

The meeting featured 18 workshops centered around three core themes: Teaching and Innovation, Research, and Strategy. During these workshops, faculty discussed a wide range of topics, including Gen AI, Greenwashing, Gen-Z students, ESCP Accelerators, and the management of PhD students at ESCP.

ESCP Full Faculty Meeting 2024

Five plenary lectures were held, introducing new faculty and addressing key issues such as sustainability at ESCP and Art Thinking. Participants also enjoyed an unforgettable visit to the Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo del Escorial.
During the Gala, which celebrated 50 years of the ESCP European model under the theme “Starry Night Uniting Europe”, five awards and eight certificates were presented in the categories of Research, Teaching and Innovation, and Impact. 

The 2024 winners in each category are:

Winners: Robert Wilken (Marketing Dept, Berlin Campus) and José Ramón Cobo (I&OM Dept, Madrid Campus)
Certificates (Young Teaching Excellence Prize): Soon Leong (Finance Dept, London Campus), Howard Zhong (I&OM Dept, Paris Campus), Tina Oreski (Finance Dept, Paris Campus)

: Gorgi Krlev (Sustainability Dept, Paris Campus) and Laetitia Mimoun (Marketing Dept, Paris Campus)
Certificates (Young Research Excellence Prize): Carolin Waldner (Sustainability Dept, Berlin Campus), Chi Hoang (Marketing Dept, London Campus), Mia Chang (Entrepreneurship Dept, Paris Campus)

Winner: Sylvain Bureau (Entrepreneurship Dept, Paris Campus)
Certificates (Emerging Innovation Prize): Ramón Fisac (Sustainability Dept, Madrid Campus), Niko Muñoz (Entrepreneurship Dept, Madrid Campus)

ESCP Full Faculty Meeting 2024