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Profs. Miguel Palacios and Véronique Tran wrote a case study helping understand the success of global innovation consultancy Opinno, and its resilience in the current economic context.

Professors Miguel Palacios and Véronique Tran published a pedagogical case (free download until 1 May) based on the history and culture of Opinno, a global innovation consultancy that connects more than 150,000 experts, investors, executives and technology specialists in over 20 countries. “Opinno was founded exactly twelve years ago in Silicon Valley, the same week that Lehman Brothers fell. Today, we are delighted to celebrate our twelfth anniversary with this gift made to us by ESCP, in the form of a case study that analyzes the importance of culture throughout the different stages of growth of our company,” says Opinno CEO and founder Pedro Moneo, who holds a degree in mechanical engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and a nuclear engineering degree from the French Atomic Energy Commission.

“The purpose of the case study was preparing materials for educational usage,” explains Madrid campus Professor of Management and Executive Education Associate Dean Miguel Palacios, who has used the case in the 8 groups of the Organization and Management course of the Master in Management in the fall, as well as in the Master in Digital Project Management and Consulting. “In all classes, I brought either Pedro Moneo or the Head of Culture Development to discuss the case with the students. It is interesting because it shows how a startup can/should develop culture, how an organization can work on it and what it can bring to it.”
Especially in the current situation, the case covering the adaptations made following the first lockdown and its potential effect on Opinno’s culture: As stated by the company, “since the beginning, we have invested in culture as a fundamental pillar of leadership. A very different approach that has evolved both in its content and expression, and also in the way it spreads to employees, customers and collaborators. This approach has helped us to successfully go through periods of change and uncertainty. We are convinced that many of the ideas and experiences we share in this case can be useful for startups, entrepreneurs and large companies. Once again, the present moment poses a global challenge and cultural leadership can be the engine that allows us to move through new territories as yet unmapped…”