ESCP´s commitment to inspire and educate purpose-driven leaders is our mission and in order to reach that, we need to look for the most talented students out there and fill our classrooms with critical, brilliant, inspiring and hard working minds.

In order to reach this goal all teams at ESCP have to work together and be up to date with the latest tools and trends in the higher education sector. This is of huge importance for all but especially for our Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions teams as they are at the ones that work to spot those great minds and work hand in hand with them through their decision making process. 

Training and learning transcends our classrooms, and it´s a commitment for all the ESCP teams. In order to better our practices, the BSc Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions teams from Paris, Berlin, London, Turin and Madrid gather with the objective to improve processes and continue offering the best candidate journey to all our future Bachelor students. This full-time intensive meeting/workshop took place at the ESCP Madrid campus, were we all shared best practices, learned from each other, and why not, also enjoyed seeing all our colleagues in- person after two years of workshops, webinars, seminars and meeting online! We finally came back from virtual to physical, but still learned a lot from our digital tools and will definitely keep using them to keep in touch and have a bigger reach.

BSc Team

It was great to see you all and we hope you come back to Madrid soon!

PD Paco´s tortilla de patatas is the best, and you can only find it here ;)