In this video, Dr. Argyro Avgoustaki talks about her paper entitled Implications of Work Effort and Discretion for Employee Well-Being and Career-Related Outcomes: An Integrative Assessment, which has been quoted by the media around the world.

According to recent estimates, nearly half of people in the EU work in their free time to meet work demands, and a third often or always work at high speed. In the Industrial and Labor Relations Review article she recently co-wrote with Cass Business School Senior Lecturer Hans TW Frankort, Argyro Avgoustaki examines the effect of increased work effort and shows that it relates strongly to reduced well-being and modestly to inferior career-related outcomes, with discretion possibly attenuating these adverse effects. Implications include the need for employees to become aware of the broader limitations of excessive work effort, for employers to give discretion when viable, and for public policy to devise strategies that help limit the adverse consequences of work intensity. This paper was downloaded approximately 3 500 times since it was accepted for publication in July 2018, and covered in media outlets such as The Financial Times, FT China, Business Insider UK, Le Monde, Le Figaro, The Daily Mail, Insider, CNBC, Le Soir, The Cut (New York) and The Guardian. The authors also wrote an article about this topic on The Conversation.