Student Achievement
ESCP students win first place in Moody's Challenge

Five students from ESCP's finance specialisation in the Master in Management programme bring home first place in Moody’s Challenge, gaining hands-on experience in credit analysis.

Under the guidance of Professors Michael Troege and Lei Zhao, ESCP students Aditya Joshi, Aman Vikas Mundhada, Rishwanth Katam, Girish Yenugula, and Mayur Gangwani won first place in the school’s first year participating in Moody’s Challenge. The team competed against formidable institutions, such as Audencia and EDHEC.

The awards for the winning team include a monetary prize, an internship opportunity and a fast-track to a job position at Moody’s as a credit analyst in Paris, London, Frankfurt or other European cities.

Moody's Challenge: A unique opportunity for learning

The rating company, Moody’s, created Moody’s Challenge to provide “an unparalleled chance for students to explore the world of credit analysis”. Over the course of three weeks, students work in teams to analyze a publicly listed company and present their credit rating recommendation to a panel of industry experts. This year, the ESCP team prepared a rating report on the company "Bureau Veritas".

Along the way, the teams receive feedback and support from a lead analyst at Moody’s. ESCP’s team had the unique pleasure of being coached by Marie Fischer-Sabatie, both Senior Vice President from Moody's and an ESCP alumna.

The winning team has been determined based on the depth of their analysis and understanding of the company, regardless of the accuracy of their credit rating forecasts.

The challenge typically takes place in the fall and any students in the final year of their studies in finance are welcome to participate. At ESCP, the challenge is part of a series of activities designed to expose students to real-world scenarios. The participating students volunteered to compete, showcasing their commitment to gaining practical insights beyond the classroom.

Adding value to the ESCP experience

Participating in Moody's Challenge is not just a feather in one’s cap but a unique opportunity to gain direct insights into the world of credit ratings. This experience is particularly valuable given the pivotal role credit rating agencies play in the financial landscape. Understanding how ratings are attributed to companies is crucial, as it directly impacts investment decisions and a company's financial health.

The challenge becomes an arena where theoretical knowledge meets practical application. Credit analysis, a complex task requiring a profound understanding of a company's financials, is a skill honed in the finance classes at ESCP. The finance specialisation in ESCP’s Master in Management further deepens this knowledge, making students adept at critically evaluating a company's capital structure.

We are extremely proud of ESCP’s first team to participate in the Moody’s Challenge.
Thanks to this competition our students were able to apply the knowledge learned in our classrooms while interacting with high-level professionals, setting themselves up for success in their careers after graduation.

Professor Michael TroegeProfessor Michael Troege
Finance Department
Master in Management

Are you interested in participating? The challenge is an annual event, and participation promises not only a chance to apply classroom knowledge but also a shot at networking with industry experts. Professor Troege invites students to join ESCP’s English-track finance specialisation in the Master in Management and to contact him to volunteer for next year’s challenge.