ESCP Business School's Master in Management ranked 5th worldwide by the Financial Times

Out of the 100 institutions ranked by the Financial Times in 2022, ESCP Business School earned fifth place worldwide for its Master in Management programme, climbing two places from the previous year.

With campuses across Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin and Warsaw, ESCP’s European approach is celebrated in both our global performance as well as our outstanding achievements across the ranking criteria.

As part of the programme, students are required to study at a minimum of two of ESCP’s six campuses. Thanks to this unique structure and our network of partner universities around the world, the school ranked fourth in the International Course Experience category.

The international dimension of our Master in Management programme is also reflected in the makeup of our student cohort (94% international students) and our faculty (86% international faculty).

We are confident that this multicultural, multi-campus experience prepares our students for today’s workplace, as evident from the fact that 99% of our students are employed within three months post graduation.

Positioning within the top five worldwide makes us very proud of our students, alumni, faculty, and staff. Institutions are made of people, and our high position in this very competitive ranking shows the merits of our attention to personal development, including cultivating a communicative, innovative, and critical thinking mindset in our students.

Professor Cécile Kharoubi - Associate Dean for the Master in Management programme - ESCP Business SchoolProfessor Cécile Kharoubi
Associate Dean
for the Master in Management programme

We are delighted to see ESCP’s Master in Management programme ranked so highly on a global scale, reflecting our strong international presence in business education as well as the multicultural experience offered as part of this programme. Embracing differences is at the core of our mission to educate against indifference. A mission perhaps more important now than ever before.

Professor Léon Laulusa - Executive Vice-President and Dean for Academic and International Affairs - ESCP Business SchoolProfessor Léon Laulusa
Executive Vice-President
Dean for Academic and International Affairs

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