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Charlotte Gaston-Breton, professor of marketing at ESCP, academic co-director of the EMIB, director of the center on well-beingand management, ESCP Business School

Reinventing the Customer Experience: Putting Humans First!

Charlotte Gaston-Breton, Professor, Marketing

Digital technology can be used to track and target consumers, but does the information gathered really help to improve the customer experience? What do you need to know to fully understand your customers' aspirations, beyond what they express in terms of the functional characteristics of the product or service?
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Christophe Inzirillo,  Senior Fellow, leadership and personal development

How Can Sport Inspire Managers To Stimulate Collective Intelligence?

Christophe Inzirillo, Senior Fellow, Leadership and Personal Development

Paris is hosting the Olympic Games in August 2024. The business of high-level sport - the notion of hyper-performance and team spirit - can inspire tomorrow's leaders and profoundly transform companies.
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Prof. Stéphane Morel

Planetary Boundaries and the Future of Businesses as we Move Towards 2030: Challenges, Strategies and the Role of Managers

Prof. Stéphane Morel, Affiliate Professor

Up to what point will our global ecosystem be able to absorb human pressures on nature without compromising human living conditions? Stéphane Morel explores this topic in his Executive Education white paper.
Chatgpt Chat with AI or Artificial Intelligence technology, business use AI smart technology by inputting, deep learning Neural networks to understand, respond to user inputs. future / Adobe Stock
Prof. Louis David Benayer

ChatGPT and Generative Artificial Intelligence: What upheavals will the managers of the future face?

Prof. Louis-David Benyayer, Affiliate Professor

With the generative AI revolution, how can managers best approach this new technology that will change the way we work? Louis-David Benyayer explores this topic in his Executive Education white paper.
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Prof Véronique Tran

Agile, Inclusive and Responsible Leadership: The New Frontiers of Leadership

Prof. Véronique Tran, Professor

To address evolving challenges, companies and leaders need to find ways to grow while respecting natural and human resources, and embracing agile, inclusive and responsible leadership. Prof. Véronique Tran discusses why and how to become the leader the future needs.
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Pedro Gonzalo, affiliate professor

How To Boost Creativity And Innovation In Your Teams On A Daily Basis

Prof. Pedro Gonzalo, Affiliate Professor

For an organisation to maintain its competitive edge, encourage productivity amongst its teams and improve its brand appeal, innovation is key. As a manager, how do you boost creativity and innovation in your teams?
A wind-wind situation?, G. Blonsard, T. Carrafang, S. Sennaana and G. Vong, Improbable, 2021

Agile Methods: How can we stop hyper-focusing on clients, and why?

Prof. Sylvain Bureau, Professor, and Founder Art Thinking method

The agile method of the future? Art Thinking is an alternative to traditional client-focused methods. Its application facilitates innovation and allows the user to create the improbable with certainty.
Iot machine learning with human and object recognition which use artificial intelligence to measurements ,analytic and identical concept, it invents to classification,estimate,prediction, database, © Monopoly919 / Adobe Stock
Yannick Meiller, Associate Professor of Information & Operations Management

Artificial Intelligence in managerial decision-making

Prof. Yannick Meiller, Associate Professor of Information & Operations Management

While AI does not yet match its cinematic representations, methodologies such as machine learning are turning it into a valuable tool for managers and businesses when it comes to decision-making and creating innovative solutions.
Green Investment Photo, © aluxum / iStock
Christophe Thibierge, associate professor of finance at ESCP Business School

How can green finance respond to the climate emergency?

Prof. Christophe Thibierge, Associate professor of finance

While there are ever more COPs being held and new commitments being made–with mixed success–all actors in society need to get involved. The financial sector is no exception.
Heart and brain connection. Emotional intelligence concept, © 9dreamstudio / Adobe Stock
Evelyne Stawicki, Affiliate professor at ESCP Business School

Using emotional intelligence to strengthen your leadership skills

Prof. Evelyne Stawicki, Affiliate professor

When we study the greatest leaders, they all tend to share a rare and exciting skill: high emotional intelligence. How can an individual inspire others? With emotional intelligence!
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Jérôme Couturier, Professor of strategy at ESCP Business School

What if performance was driven by strategic agility?

Prof. Jérôme Couturier, Professor of strategy

How can leaders develop and implement a business strategy that is both suited to market fluctuations and delivers results? Enter strategic agility.
Image of a dart going through a maze to reach the target
Jérôme Couturier, Professor of strategy at ESCP Business School

How do we solve the colossal problems threatening to overwhelm us?

Prof. Violette Bouveret, Affiliate professor at ESCP Business School

For Violette Bouveret, the skill that teams need to acquire in order to face overwhelming challenges and avoid paralysis is the capacity to solve complex problems.
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Jérôme Couturier, Professor of strategy at ESCP Business School

Well-being at work: why has it become the strategic issue for companies?

Prof. Almudena Cañibano, Associate Professor of Management at ESCP Business School

Why well-being at work should be a central issue for companies who wish to increase the motivation and loyalty of their employees.
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Andreas Kaplan, Professor of strategy at ESCP Business School

Virtual worlds and the metaverse: disruption for the managers of tomorrow?

Prof. Andreas Kaplan, Professor of Marketing at ESCP Business School

Professor Andreas Kaplan explores the opportunities and existing use cases made possible by the metaverse, and how to manage an implementation strategy of this new technology despite challenges.