Research Centre
Business & Society – Towards a Sustainable World

Sustainability is a key issue of our time. The SustBusy research centre brings together researchers from different disciplines to achieve synergies in their work towards a sustainable world.

Mission / Objectives

The research centre SustBusy (Business and Society – Towards a Sustainable World) was founded in 2013. It provides a platform for research on sustainability in business and society at ESCP and beyond. A key feature of the centre is the broad range of backgrounds of its members who hail from different disciplines within Economics and Management; another key feature is their drive for interdisciplinary exchange and synergies in research and teaching.

We draw on expertise in marketing, organizational control, finance, supply chain management, strategic management, social science, ecological economics, behavioural economics and evolutionary economics and agent-based modelling to conduct internationally recognised, academically excellent and problem-oriented research. In addition, we integrate our research into teaching via a variety of sustainability-related courses and specializations from Bachelor and Master to Executive level and have created several specialized Master programmes.

Main Research Themes

  • Communication & Legitimation
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Ecological Economics
  • Behavioural Economics
  • Evolutionary Economics and Agent-Based Modelling
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Markets & Social Investment
  • Marketing & Consumers
  • Organisation & Stakeholders
  • Strategy & Ethics
  • Sustainable Tourism
  • Supply Chain Management


Sylvie Geisendorf - Scientific Director - Professor of Environment and Economics - ESCP Business School

Sylvie Geisendorf

Scientific Director
Professor of Environment and Economics
Simon Rabaa - Scientific Director - Coordinator Research Centre - Research Assistant  - ESCP Business School

Simon Rabaa

Coordinator Research Centre
Research Assistant