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Prof. Kamran Razmdoost offers us a lively discussion looking at disruption, the collapse of market structures and the emergence of a new consumption culture.

The COVID-19 crisis has disrupted our way of living and our consumption practices. We have adapted our routines based on the available products and resources (e.g. using shower gel to wash our hands!) and created new routines replacing the old ones (e.g. dining at home instead of going to a restaurant). This has resulted in the collapse and recreation of structures upon which markets are constructed.

In this seminar, we will review how consumers generate consumption culture in response to disruption and discuss the role of brands in facilitating (or impeding) this journey.

Join us and learn more

Discussion: 17:00 - 17:30 BST 
Q&A: 17:30 - 18:00 BST 


Prof. Kamran Razmdoost - ESCP Business School Associate Professor of Marketing

Prof. Kamran Razmdoost

Associate Professor of Marketing


Organiser: ESCP London Campus

Online - Worldwide



Start date: 11/08/2020

Start time: 5:00 PM

End time: 6:00 PM