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From farm to Fork

A 45-minute film directed by Julie Deshayes, Juliette Fournier le Ray and Lucie Renard, students and alumni of ESCP Business School.

A movie film to see
Wednesday 01 June 2022
Free and mandatory registration

« We are 3 students from ESCP, who went to explore the food sector in Europe in search of more sustainable alternatives during the year 2021. We made a 45-minute documentary, retracing our encounters with more than 45 sustainable food professionals, from farm to fork. Our goal? To show that a more sustainable food is possible, and to make a maximum of people aware of the fundamental issues of food. In this film, we ask ourselves questions about the food of tomorrow and try to give simple and accessible answers in order to encourage everyone to act. We want to offer a humble film that will speak to everyone, whether you are already committed to fighting climate change or are a complete neophyte.
Are you ready? The adventure starts here! »
— Julie, Juliette & Lucie

Sustainable food: yes, but how?

How to feed 10 billion people in 2050? And above all, how to do it in a sustainable way? Can we consume sustainably when we are students and have a limited budget? Are there sustainable and viable alternatives to the current agri-food system? Faced with a lot of contradictory information on climate change, how can we form our own opinion? And how can we act on our own scale?

These are the questions that Julie, Juliette and Lucie, friends and ESCP-students, foodies and concerned about climate change, asked themselves. To answer this question, they took a gap-year from their studies and travelled around Europe to meet the actors of sustainable food and work with them!

Come and discover with us, during our European tour and meetings, alternatives for a healthier and more accessible food, respectful of the environment and of each person's culture, and question yourself on the future of the food system.

Movie Banner,  From Farm to Fork

A movie film to see
Wednesday 01 June 2022
Free and mandatory registration


Organiser: 79 avenue de la République 75011, Paris

79 avenue de la République 75011, Paris - France



Start date: 01/06/2022

Start time: 8:30 PM

End time: 10:00 PM