We are thrilled to invite you to the winter edition of the London Student Societies & Clubs Fair.

Join us at the fair, where different stalls will be spread across G61A&B, G62 and G54, to discover the incredible array of student societies that our School has to offer. Each society will have a dedicated stall where they will share insights into their society, events, registrations, and how to stay connected and up-to-date with upcoming events!

Whether you're interested in exploring new hobbies, making a positive impact on the community, or simply looking for a fun and supportive group of friends, you're sure to find something that resonates with you. From academic and professional societies to cultural and sports, there is a society for everyone - and if there's not, there is a chance to learn how to open your own society!


During the event, you can visit all our stands which will be spread across G61A&B, G62 and G54. Just some of the societies/clubs you will be able to meet include: 

  • ESCP Music Collective
  • GEA Sustainability
  • 180 Degrees Consulting
  • ESCP Students4Entrepreneurship
  • Luxury Society
  • ESCP Ski Event
  • EBS Motorsport Society
  • European Society (EES)
  • London Women In Leadership
  • ESCP Speaks
  • Kurious Society
  • ESCP Finance Society
  • ESCP Surf Society
  • Regatta ESCP
  • ESCP Junior Consulting

With more to confirm!

To register, please select your preferred time slot to attend the fair. ONLY 1 TIME SLOT PER PERSON. The options are: 4pm-5pm; 5pm-6pm; or 6pm-7pm. The time slots are so the fair does not get overcrowded, and to ensure all students have the opportunity to explore the different stalls. Please stick to your preferred time slot. 


Organiser: ESCP London Campus

ESCP London Campus - United Kingdom



Start date: 12/02/2024

Start time: 4:00 PM

End time: 7:00 PM