Speaker: Carlos Guerrero, CEO and Co-Founder, Bidi Charge and ESCP’s MSc in Energy Management alumnus (Class of 2021)

KPMG reports that despite the growth of renewable energy in the last decade, today renewables only generate 14% of global energy, and are expected to power 77% of the world by 2050.

Entrepreneurship in the industry is key to bringing clean energy solutions and meeting the 1.5°C global goal. How can entrepreneurs unleash creativity, innovate and create clean energy solutions?

Carlos Guerrero, CEO and Co-Founder of Bidi Charge – an innovative start-up that is at the forefront of the energy transition – speaks to us about his journey and how he’s helping to solve one of the biggest challenges for our society and planet.

  • How to harness business opportunities in the sector
  • Turning challenges into opportunities: intermittency of renewable energy and delivering into the great opportunity for battery storage
  • Overview of the energy policies to support the energy transition
    • AFIR (Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Regulation) EU
  • Opportunities provided by the European Union, and other key organisations
    • EU grants 
    • Blue Factory
    • Incubators, accelerators and VCs
  • Market structure of charging points
    • Charge Point Operators
    • Charge Point Manufacturers
    • Site Owners
    • Renewable energy companies
  • Key points to securing funding and supporting entrepreneurship in the energy sector
    • How to equip yourself with the right tools to become a successful entrepreneur
    • How to combine passion for the energy transition with a successful business
    • Building a convincing and strong entrepreneurial profile to secure key partnerships
  • How to overcome permitting bottleneck challenges to unlock speed for the energy transition
    • This is what we are aiming towards
    • The role of governments, local authorities and technology
  • Driving the energy transition forward – what are the next steps


The webinar will take place on Zoom at 6pm GMT on Wednesday, 28th February.


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About Our Speaker

Carlos Guerrero Pogan is a Lawyer and holds a master's degree in Energy Management from Facultad Libre de Derecho de Monterrey and ESCP Business School. With over three years of experience in companies specialising in energy infrastructure, Carlos decided to further expand his knowledge by studying at Berkeley for a summer before pursuing a Master's degree in a different field. This led him to enrol in the prestigious Energy Management specialisation at ESCP Business School in London and Paris.

After completing his studies, Carlos joined Pacifico Renewables, now known as Tion, a renewable energy fund based in Munich. His time there exposed him to both the remarkable potential and challenges faced by the renewable energy industry, inspiring him to take action.

Driven by his passion for sustainable energy, Carlos co-founded Bidi Charge, a start-up that has received acceleration support from Techstars and Audi Denkwerstatt in Berlin. With early signs of promising growth, Bidi Charge aims to make a significant impact in the field.


Organiser: ESCP Energy Management Centre

Online - Worldwide



Start date: 28/02/2024

Start time: 6:00 PM

End time: 7:00 PM