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"Identity. Innovation. Impact. How to create a better future in the context of a profound crisis?" is the next edition of Beyond Covid-19 Inspiration for Change Webinar Series. 

These are tough times for organizations:
The context is more difficult, complex and uncertain than ever before and at the same time most organizations are struggling with their own dysfunctionality.
In the light of the current crisis, employees need a holding environment from their companies while customers value companies that are innovative. Identity is the key to creating hold and orientation and to delivering better and more impactful strategies, products and experiences.
In this webinar, you will learn how to leverage the power of identity to accelerate innovation and how to create a sustainable future for your organization.

This masterclass on July 1st at 6pm will be hosted by branding expert and ESCP Affiliate Professor Marc Sasserath.

Join us to learn more!

Our speaker:
Marc Sasserath is Affiliate Professor for Innovation & Entrepreneurship with a focus on entrepreneurial branding and cultural transformation and is lecturing in Paris and in Berlin. Prof. Sasserath is Founder & CEO of sasserath+ group – a group of identity driven growth consultancies like Sasserath Munzinger Plus, a brand, culture and innovation consultancy, SK+ Sasserath Kienbaum Plus, a culture of innovation firm and Sasserath x Mutabor which brings together strategy and design.


Organiser: ESCP

Online - Worldwide



Start date: 01/07/2020

Start time: 6:00 PM

End time: 7:00 PM