Handling Complexity and Conflicts Across Generational Divides in the Workplace | Online Masterclass, Friday, 10th May, 1 PM (GMT +2)

On May 10th at 1pm (GMT+2), join us for this exclusive online Masterclass entitled “Handling Complexity and Conflicts Across Generational Divides in the Workplace “.

Held by ESCP external lecturer, Max Ciferri, this virtual lecture is adressed to anyone who is interested in the topic or wants to get a taste of ESCP's teaching methodology.


What is this Masterclass about?

In today's workforce, we see an unprecedented convergence of five generations—from Traditionalists born between 1946 and 1963 to Generation Z born around 2000—each bringing unique perspectives to careers and life.

This diversity introduces complex dynamics and potential conflicts within the business environment. Our webinar will explore three critical areas:

  • Employee Belonging and Engagement: Current trends show a high turnover among employees aged 25 to 40, driven by a lack of belonging and unclear organizational culture. This detachment not only elevates operational costs but also weakens the transfer of corporate culture and knowledge across generations.
  • Hybrid Work Models: While hybrid work offers flexibility, it poses challenges for knowledge transfer, especially affecting young managers who miss critical learning opportunities from direct interactions with experienced colleagues. Striking the right balance is essential to nurture the next generation of leadership.
  • Generational Expectations and Work Ethic: With Gen Z prioritizing quality of life over traditional career progression, there is a noticeable tension between generational expectations. Millennials often find themselves mediating between ambitious Gen X leaders and a less motivated Gen Z, complicating both work and personal dynamics.

What will you learn?

This session will delve into strategies for managing these complexities and negotiating conflicts across three domains: business, personal, and societal/gender issues.

We'll discuss practical approaches to conflict resolution, including negotiation tactics that facilitate compromises and solutions that respect diverse generational viewpoints.

The masterclass will be followed by a short presentation of our Executive MBA by Jacopo Brian Gazzola, Sales Director of the Executive Education at ESCP Business School. Ranked 1st in Europe and 3rd worldwide in the Financial Times Ranking 2023, the Executive MBA at ESCP is dedicated to shaping the responsible leaders of tomorrow and promoting sustainable business practices.

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Organiser: ESCP Turin Campus

Online - Zoom



Start date: 10/05/2024

Start time: 1:00 PM

End time: 2:00 PM