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Worried about our digital carbon footprint?
Join us in a unique event:

The ESCP Green Hackathon 

Digital Carbon Footprint  

November 9th, 9 am - 6 pm (CET).

Every time we send an email, use the Internet or social media, a small amount of carbon is emitted.
In the last two decades, digitalisation has had a positive impact on the environment, but the Internet does not come out of anything, and even the adoption of digital has its price.
Each single small digital action is energy-hungry and comes with a carbon footprint that we don't see, but that indeed we shouldn't ignore anymore.

Now it is time to think about how companies can reduce their digital carbon footprint!
Challenge yourself, test your skills, invent and design an innovative sustainable idea to minimise the environmental impact of companies' digital activities.

Why should you participate in the ESCP Green Hackathon?

We have chosen to challenge ESCP students with a new exciting hackathon focused on an increasingly concerning topic for many companies: the Digital Carbon Footprint.
Your opinions and ideas about this issue are significant to us, and we would like to understand how to make them achievable in the business world.
What steps would you suggest companies take to reduce their digital carbon footprint?

Stay tuned to find out more about our new terrific online event!

For info, write to Maria Turreno, ESCP Turin Campus Employer Branding Coordinator: