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Designing Europe
The 2020 edition combines ecology, politics and management

For the 11th edition of the Designing Europe seminar, the 1000 students of the Master in Management (MiM), from all campuses in Europe, will meet in Brussels at the European Parliament on 26 and 27 February to work on the European Green Pact and the future of Europe.

Over the course of two days, students will take on the different roles that exist in the European Parliament and participate in the legislative process.
Whether they are MEPs, members of the Commission or the Council, students can get to know the European institutions while working on a topical issue on the European parliamentary agenda: the European Green Pact.

Michel Barnier, Chief Negotiator of the working group for the preparation and conduct of negotiations with the United Kingdom and graduate of the School (MiM Class of 1972)Michel Barnier, Chief Negotiator of the working group for the preparation and conduct of negotiations with the United Kingdom and graduate of the School (MiM Class of 1972), will speak alongside parliamentarians and professionals from the European institutions. Yves Bertoncini, consultant and professor in European affairs and expert ESCP professors will coordinate the seminar activities.
Mr. Barnier will give a speech concerning the future relations between the European Union and the United Kingdom on 26 February at 3 p.m.

Live Session
Michel Barnier on the future relations between the EU and the UK
26 February 2020 - 3 PM - 4 PM (CET)

According to...

Prof. Frank Bournois - Dean and Executive president of ESCP

“It is part of the school's mission to accompany our students on this theme and to encourage them to develop several points of reflection: economic, institutional, legal and political. Giving them the tools to learn how to make the right choices is all the more important at a time of major change, that they will continue to experience throughout their careers as decision-makers”

Anais Ravet - Director of the MiM

“We want to bring the European experience to our students who represent over 50 nationalities. By immersing them in the reality of European parliamentarians through meetings and negotiation simulations, they experience the major challenges of Europe today and in the coming years, which will be at the heart of their challenges as future leaders.”

Pr. Cécile Kharoubi - Academic Director of the Master in Management

“As part of the 2019-2020 academic year, ESCP innovated by creating a mandatory seminar for all first-year students on climate issues and the transformations in which companies are engaged. We show here, with this mandatory seminar in the second year, that we take these issues seriously.”


Organiser: ESCP Business School - European Parliament

Live Session - Online



Start date: 26/02/2020

Start time: 3:00 PM

End time: 4:00 PM