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Join ESCP's Prof. René Mauer and Prof. Dr. Martin Kupp for a webinar on the topic: “Building uncertainty competence: applying the entrepreneurial method”.

Uncertainty is the entrepreneur’s playground. Economists as early as Frank Knight (1921) and Joseph Schumpeter (1934), and more recently entrepreneurship scholars like Saras Sarasvathy (2008) describe entrepreneurs as experts in creating value under uncertainty. We argue that after uncertainty drivers such as globalization and digitization, the current Covid 19 crisis ultimately forces managers to explore how the field of entrepreneurship can help building uncertainty competence. In this webinar, we will demonstrate the practical value of the entrepreneurial method by discussing

  1. what uncertainty is and how it is different from risk,
  2. how to deal with uncertainty through entrepreneurial logics, and
  3. how to build uncertainty competence for yourself and your company. 

Join us at this free, online event to learn more!
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Organiser: Berlin Campus

Online - Worldwide



Start date: 28/05/2020

Start time: 11:30 AM

End time: 12:45 PM