We are pleased to announce an upcoming event focused on building an entrepreneurial ecosystem for sustainable innovation, with a particular emphasis on the Apulia region in Italy.

This event will feature a keynote speech on how to cultivate an environment that supports the growth of successful startups and unicorns.

Our panellists for the event will share their experiences of working in this ecosystem.

In addition to the keynote speech, attendees will have the opportunity to learn from the case book presentation prepared by The Scale Up Specialisation, which focuses on the building of unicorns. This presentation will provide valuable insights into the scaling process, offering practical guidance and strategies for entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate executives alike.

This event is for ESCP alumni, entrepreneurs, investors, incubators, and corporate executives in search of top talents in computer science, automation, industrial design, and other highly skilled competencies.

The panel discussion will be followed by a networking and cocktail session. We look forward to welcoming you and engaging in meaningful discussions with experts in the field.

Please note that places are limited. Register now to book your ticket and avoid disappointment.


Organiser: ESCP London Campus

ESCP London Campus - London, NW3 7BG



Start date: 03/07/2023

Start time: 4:30 PM

End time: 7:00 PM