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PropTechs Global Trends 2020 - Annual Barometer - Partners' Logos - Gouvernement Princier Principauté de Monaco / Extended Monago - ESCP Business School

PropTech Global Trends 2020
Annual Barometer

The 2020 PropTech Annual Barometer is an in-depth analysis of the international PropTech sector. It analyses the evolution of PropTech over time, with graphs, depicting the historical evolution of PropTech since the initial emergence. The Barometer also identifies the sector’s newcomers, the quality of its emerging companies, its peak periods, and the leading companies in the Tech sector. We also visualise the PropTech sector’s geography via a world map showing the locations and amount of PropTech companies per continent and country. We also demonstrate how the geographic distribution of PropTech companies across the world has changed over time.

To better understand the market dynamics, we classify all PropTech companies into 12 business categories and identify the companies with the highest valuations per category, allowing us to compare the composition of the categories in different countries. Finally, we analyse the evolution of PropTech investors over time. In particular, we identify which countries, companies, and categories attract the most funding from investors and who are the global investors in the PropTech sector.

This barometer has been produced by Professor Jaime Luque at the ESCP Business School as part of the Real Estate Tech Innovation programme sponsored by the Government of Monaco.

PropTechs Global Trends 2020 - Annual Barometer - PDF Cover

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