All ESCP Business School’s campuses have an extremely active Student Clubs & Societies scene. It is strongly encouraged as an essential part of personal well-being and professional development for ESCP students, allowing their members a rich extra-curricular experience alongside classes. 
The oldest society on the Turin Campus, now also active in Berlin, London, and Madrid, is JET ESCP. This Junior Enterprise spreads the pragmatic ESCP methodology thanks to consultancy services, workshops, webinars and events
We take a look at what JET ESCP can offer students and its activities in this interview with the board:

When, where and why was JET ESCP founded?

JET ESCP is a Junior Enterprise (JE) founded in 2004 as a student association within ESCP Business School. We provide services for companies, institutions, and societies under the guidance of ESCP teachers and professionals with the goal to consolidate and enhance the learning experience of their members. 
Founded in Turin, JET ESCP is now a well-established consulting firm, operating all over Europe with offices in London, Berlin and Madrid, and associates in 10+ countries. In recent years, the association has grown extensively by providing services to numerous companies in an international context and establishing partnerships with leading corporations and consulting firms.
Our vision is to bridge the gap between the academic world and the professional one by generating value for both the client and our associates. We link highly motivated students with enterprising clients who can benefit from our services while, at the same time, offering students the opportunity to develop their skills further.

What is a Junior Enterprise?

A junior enterprise is a civil social nonprofit organization established and executed entirely by students of a university or a business school, both at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. The purpose of these organisations is to provide services, often in the form of consultancies, while enriching the learning of its members with practical experience in the field of their studies. Often, a junior enterprise is linked to a particular university or business school. 


What does JET do?

Our philosophy can be summed up in one statement: "We are only as good as the good we do."

Being a group of young, skilled and motivated students, our mission is to deliver value that enables positive change for clients. Our goal is to bring a modern and dynamic perspective to the problems faced by companies and offer long-lasting, sustainable solutions that take into account the current business and the socio-economic context.
While our core business is consultancy services, we also organise many other activities such as workshops, webinars and events with experts for our associates and all interested ESCP students. 

What kind of students are attracted to your society?

JET ESCP is open to Bachelor-, Premaster-, Master-, and MBA-Students who want to take off for a Consulting career. Our associates work on real-life projects and gain relevant experiences, but they also have the opportunity to expand their professional network with industry experts, consultants and like-minded associates. Additionally, we organise and participate in incredible networking events, have access to a huge alumni network and receive workshops and webinars from several experts.

We are looking for:
●    Proactiveness, to go the extra mile
●    Excellence, in the work you do
●    Drive, to make an impact 
●    Personality, to be a great team player

Not only are we hiring consultants, but also marketing, event marketing and talent manager associates. 

Why should students get involved in your activities?

We, at JET ESCP, have been able to develop a great network of companies and experts that allows students to experience the consultant's typical tasks and overcome the problems you typically must face and manage in this industry. While we still encourage and believe in workshops and learning, we can now offer a 360-degree experience linking studies with experience
In the last years, this environment has helped many associates develop their network, gaining experience and understanding their strengths. 

What distinguishes us from other student organisations is our broad network consisting of clients, alumni and partners. Our associates benefit from working on real impact projects with companies such as the Boston Consulting Group, FCA, GFT, 3H Partners, Critical Future, and many more.

Moreover, the experience each associate can obtain varies from project to project and can be individually adjusted, since we work in diverse verticals such as Financial Services, Venture Capital, Manufacturing, Consulting, Branding, etc.

What are your next projects?
This year, we will continue to work on very big projects with some of our existing clients to empower our associates to learn hands-on Consulting skills from industry leaders. At the same time, we are constantly expanding our client base and are set out to double our engagements this year. 

JET ESCP strives for proactive associates willing to go the extra mile, which is why we highly reward associates that bring on new client leads. This culture of proactiveness has allowed us to by 400% in the past year and we are on track to keep this pace going.

We opened our 2021/2022 recruitment season and look forward to welcoming our future associates!