Finance is exciting, challenging, and fast-paced. A professional life in this sector brings opportunities for rapid career growth.  
If you are passionate about this subject, you should consider joining the ESCP Finance Society
Among the many benefits of being part of a student organisation are making new friends, taking part in relevant activities, widening your network in the industry, and strengthening your CV.
As a member of the ESCP Finance Society you will get to meet like-minded students outside the classroom and work side by side with them in career enhancing projects.
We explore what the ESCP Finance Society can offer you and its activities in this interview:

When, where and why was the ESCP Finance Society founded?
The ESCP Finance Society is the largest and most active student association of ESCP Business School’s London Campus, it was founded in 2012 and is composed of students interested in Finance. All the founders and managing members have had internship experiences in the industry. Our mission is to give students the opportunity to come together, share their passion and allow other people to become more familiar with the Finance Industry

ESCP Finance Society
What does the ESCP Finance Society do?
The aim of the Society is to help ESCP students break into the Finance Industry, by organising dedicated networking events, and providing useful materials to support the application and interview process.
The society has organised a range of activities to support students in the application process, among which:

  • The “ESCP Banking Trek”, a week-long visit to all the EMEA HQs of the major Investment Banks in London.
  • Hosting and joining M&A and Trading competitions.
  • Coaching programme, providing materials and tutorials to have effective CVs, Cover Letters and resources to nail the interviews.
  • Events and conferences with professionals, to talk about their firms, financial trends and to network.
  • ESCP Private Equity Trek: a collection of workshops organised by the ESCP Finance Society, in collaboration with several leading financial sponsors.

What kind of students are attracted to your society?
The society interacts with students of over 40 different nationalities each year: we value diversity of thought and background, but there is something that unites us all and that is our passion for the Financial Industry.
Whether they are experienced professionals or newcomers, those who read our articles or participate in our events are looking to expand their knowledge about the industry. The interest goes from hearing a different point of view on a specific financial subject to building on your financial knowledge and skills.

ESCP Finance Society

Why should students get involved in your activities?
The society is present in 5 different locations around the globe and it organises conferences and events in all the ESCP campuses.
We encourage an open communication environment among the members to take full advantage of sharing best practices.
Members of the society have exclusive access to private networking events with industry professionals organised by our partners.
What are your next projects?
In addition to organising our annual “ESCP Banking Trek” and ESCP Private Equity Trek, we also organised the VC days, to bring more attention to this industry.
We are also developing new partnerships with players in financial markets. We continue to run online events with our partner AlumnEye and with AmplifyMe.
We constantly increase the range of subjects discussed during our events and our next event will touch upon Private Equity.
Moreover, we will continue to publish news and articles on a plethora of topics ranging from Sustainable Finance to the newest M&A deals.