A Transformative Journey Supported by the ESCP Foundation

In a groundbreaking initiative funded by the ESCP Foundation, ESCP Business School is embarking on a comprehensive journey to enhance the well-being of its students. This multi-faceted project, based on the vibrant campus in Turin, aims to address the issue of mental health within the business school and, more broadly, in academic and post-academic careers. 

Mind the Mind: Cultivating Well-being

The first step in this transformative programme was the Mind the Mind seminar, led by Chiara Succi, Professor of Organisational Behaviour at ESCP Business School. Attended by over 800 students in Turin and the MSc programmes in Madrid, the event set the stage for an ongoing exploration of mental, digital and physical well-being. A dedicated cohort of 221 students committed to weekly monitoring of smartphone use, sleep quality, mood and health, with the aim of identifying correlations and implementing targeted interventions.

Professor Chiara Succi sums up the essence of the initiative: "The programme aims to increase students' awareness of brain function and the different dimensions of well-being - academic, social, psychophysical, digital, spiritual and emotional”.

On 1 December, ESCP Business School hosted the second seminar of the Mind the Mind programme in collaboration with the renowned consulting firm Kearney. The session explored the dimensions of well-being, discussed challenges and strategies for personal well-being, and examined the challenges graduates face in their first experiences on the job market.

Stress Management and Mindfulness Workshop: A Global Perspective

On 13 and 14 November, ESCP Business School hosted a workshop on stress management and mindfulness, facilitated by Six Seconds, a global network specialising in emotional intelligence. This event, open to all ESCP Business School programmes, underlines the school's commitment to providing a well-rounded student experience.

Coaching for Excellence: A Personalised Path to Growth

On 23 November, a coaching programme for students was launched in collaboration with "Allenati per l'Eccellenza". This centre for coaching and neuro-linguistic programming adds a personal touch to the already extensive student experience at ESCP Business School. In addition to coaching, the school offers private sessions with psychotherapists, consultations with a medical professional and emergency support through international S.O.S.

ESCP Business School is proud to introduce its new and exclusive coaching programme "Launching Success". This programme offers students a structured and guided process of self-discovery for personal and professional growth. With 20 coaches available and sessions conducted online in English and Italian, this programme is tailored to help students become more effective, gain confidence and maximise their personal and professional potential.

Tipd for well-being

ESCP Business School's commitment to the well-being of its students extends beyond traditional academic boundaries. With a holistic approach that includes seminars, workshops, coaching programmes and corporate collaborations, ESCP nurtures the minds of its students and prepares them not only academically but also for the challenges and opportunities that await them in the professional world. As such, ESCP Business School reaffirms its commitment to creating an environment where students thrive not only intellectually but also in their overall well-being.