Once again, candidates enrolled in the MSc in International Food & Beverage Management have the chance to win a scholarship covering 50% of the tuition fees, thanks to the Myllennium Award, organised by the Fondazione Raffaele Barletta.

The award offers concrete educational opportunities to young Italians under the age of 30 by financing a scholarship to attend the MSc in IFBM.

We had an insightful conversation with Mattia Musso, winner of the last edition of the Myllennium Award, to let you know more about this great opportunity. He gave us some tips on how to succeed in the award and some insights into the programme.

What is the Myllennium Award, the MyJOB section and what opportunities does it offer?
The Myllennium Award is a rare jewel in Italy. Since 2015, Fondazione Barletta has generously supported over 270 talented young people with this prize. Through a series of categories, this award has provided much-needed opportunities for young talent to shine. The MyJOB section offers a helping hand by providing financial support for career development, such as funding for enrolment in world-class programmes such as the MSc in International Food and Beverage Management. It is an exceptional platform that has changed the lives of many young people and continues to inspire the next generation of achievers.

2022 Myllennium Award MyJOBsection winners


What made you decide to apply for the Myllennium Award last year?
Last year I was determined to enrol in the MSc in IFBM programme, regardless of the financial burden it would entail. In my search for financial support, I discovered a link on the master’s page of the ESCP Business School website that led me to apply. I completed the application process without hesitation. It was a moment of hope mixed with a sense of urgency, knowing that this opportunity might be my only chance to pursue my dream. Despite the feeling of uncertainty, I remained focused and determined to make it happen.

What do you think was the key factor in your victory?
I think the main factors were motivation and honesty.

What opportunities do you see as a result of winning the award and joining the MSc in IFBM?
Enrolling on the MSc in IFBM programme was a life-changing decision that broadened my perspective on myself, my career and my future. Learning from industry experts and passionate professors enabled me to develop new skills and gain confidence in my abilities. The experience has opened up new possibilities for me and I am grateful for the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.

What was your educational and professional background before the ESCP Master in IFBM?
Before enrolling in the ESCP Master in IFBM, I attended a specialised school in the hospitality industry and worked as a chef for several years. During my studies at the University of Turin, I gained leadership experience by managing a kitchen crew at the age of 23. I graduated in 2022 with a Bachelor's degree in International Studies for Development and Cooperation.

Give us 3 words to describe your experience at the ESCP.
My experience at the ESCP can best be described as passionate, international and pragmatic. Passionate because both the professors and the students shared a deep enthusiasm for the field of International Food and Beverage Management. International, because the programme welcomed students from over 20 different nationalities, creating a diverse and stimulating environment. Pragmatic, as the ESCP method emphasises a balance between theoretical and academic knowledge and practical, hands-on experience, providing a well-rounded and applicable education.

How did the MSc in IFBM change your perception of the business and F&B world?
Participating in the MSc in IFBM was like being given a telescope to explore the vast and complex universe of the F&B industry. It allowed me to observe and understand its workings with much greater detail and clarity, and to appreciate its beauty in a whole new way.

How will what you have learned at ESCP help you achieve your goals?
At the ESCP I acquired a number of essential skills, including time management, teamwork, flexibility and efficiency. These skills have not only enabled me to achieve my goals, but have also dramatically improved my ability to manage multiple responsibilities and work effectively in a team. I am confident that the knowledge and experience gained during the MSc in IFBM will continue to serve me well throughout my career.

2022 Myllennium Award ceremony


What advice do you have for future IFBM students applying for the Myllennium Award?
My advice to future IFBM students applying for the Myllennium Award is to be your true self and demonstrate your genuine desire to be part of the ESCP and how the award can help you achieve your goals. Honesty and a strong sense of motivation will be recognised by the jury, so it's important to be true to yourself and make a compelling case for why you are the ideal candidate.

The previous eight editions of the Myllennium Award have rewarded young talents from all over Italy, who have received not only monetary prizes, but also concrete professional and educational opportunities.

Myllennium Award deadline: 8th of May 2023.

Click here to discover more about the Myllennium Award rules and apply!

To be eligible for the scholarship, you have to be enrolled in the Master in International Food & Beverage Management by the 1st of June 2023.

Myllennium Award MyJob section