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Digital Spark Seminar
Congratulations to the 5 awarded student teams! Watch the videos they made!

At ESCP Business School, students are of course getting ready to be actors of the digital transformation. In the Master in Management, the M1 year starts with an introductory seminar to this topic: the Digital Spark Seminar.

As part of this seminar, the students are asked to work in teams to create a short video about a subject they choose. Only constraint: this subject must be related to the digital transformation.
In the Paris campus, 115 videos were created. Then the students cross-evaluated their videos through close to 2000 comments. Creating one's own work, contributing to collective work and growing through exchange with peers are key elements of higher education that we find gathered here.

On 15 th December , during the gala of the first edition of the Digital Spark Seminar, Yannick Meiller, professor in Management of Information and Digital Transformation, in charge of the Digital Spark Seminar, revealed the five videos which have been awarded.

The quality of the complemented by the evaluation of professors and alumni. videos was very good. Therefore, the selection was difficult. It is based on the students ‘evaluation, complemented by the evaluation of professors and alumni.

Drum roll… The winners are (in no particular order):

Digital Pollution

by Maya Feldman, Eleonore Muller, Sakthinandhini Subburaman, Karine Zhuo and Kelly Zhuo

Digital Transformation and Sustainable Development are two key topics on the world’s agenda and they are tightly connected. The Digital transformation has an impact on the environment. Here is an impactful reminder of some key facts.


by Julie Douillard, Iness El Haid, Victoire Feys, Louis Gargaro and Louis Heffrier

An insightful video on a clear example of how the digital transformation, and in particular AI, can bring both the best and the worst - hence the need for ethics to accompany digitization.

A Disruptive Technology for Traditional Banks

by Jordan Baranes, Alexandre Fabry, Francesca Mazzitelli, Noémie Pouteau and Sizhe Sun

Everybody has heard of Fintech. This video is about fintech applied to banking, with interviews of users, an example of start-up in the field, and some questions about the future of banking.

Artificial Intelligence
The Dehumanisation of Industries?

by Thibaut Dewèvre, Enora Hoch, Julie Mayer, Camille Pingal and Caterina Zanardi Landi

This video explains clearly what is at stake with AI and the uncertainty surrounding the effects of its implementation. Over all, it shows that while bringing valuable answers, AI raises many questions for the manager of tomorrow.

The Algorithm of Love

by Alizé Berthemy, Francesca D’Adamio, Gaia Gallarini, Irène Sandanakichenane and Luyao Wang

Many very important topics are well illustrated here: information privacy, serendipity, technology-human interactions, transparency of algorithms, psychosociological impact of technologies, and of course… Love!

These videos highlight very important points:

  • The digital transformation is not a matter of tech geeks only.
  • It tackles many fields. It is related to many topics and issues.
  • We are at the beginning of the change, a lot of questions yet need to be answered.
  • We need skilled, aware, managers for a responsible Digital Transformation.
  • Our students have talent!

For our students, this seminar is a first step in their journey with ESCP Business School to get ready to understand the Digital Transformation, contribute to it and manage it. This journey will continue in most of the courses, and also with specific courses, dedicated specialisations, interaction with many professionals and of course with their internships.  Let us wish them a nice exploration!

And, once again, congratulations to the awarded students!