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Case studies: What are they for? How to write them? How to use them? These are some of the questions the ESCP (Paris campus) Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship, Jean-Bapstiste Say Institute team member and Case Centre workshop tutor and executive committee member tries to answer in this video.

ESCP (Paris campus) Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Jean-Bapstiste Say Institute team member Martin Kupp has published about 30 cases in the past, a few of which are sold in the Harvard Business Review’s store. He was also awarded several prizes by The Case Centre: his study of Celtel Nigeria's innovative approach to serving the rural poor won the 2008 EFMD Case Writing Competition, and the following year his case about Zopa, a peer-to-peer on-line brokerage that couples British residents who want to lend with those who want to borrow, was a best-seller in the Strategy and General Management category. Last year, his case study about open and rapid innovation carmaker Team Wikispeed was among The Case Centre's bestsellers in the Entrepreneurship category.
“I had been looking for ways to engage students and executives in a meaningful way for a long time when I stumbled upon the case method”, the Case Centre workshop tutor explained when he became a member of its executive committee. “I believe that good cases have the potential to create a rewarding learning experience - both for the teacher and for the participants.”