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ESCP student society, connect me. has created a free comprehensive interview guide to help students and young professionals tackle any interview process.

Based on the ESCP Berlin Campus, connect me. is the student society that connects students across all campus locations and is positioned at the intersection between members of the university faculty, the career service, as well as the alumni network. 

They have three different services that they offer students: Professional, organisational and social. Most recently they launched a new series of webinars called “Pitch & Present” where innovative start-ups pitch their ideas to leading European VCs. The latest two events were focused on “Edtech” and “Sustainability”. connect me. also hosted a wine pitch competition, where ESCP students signed up and competed in teams to pitch their prized wine bottles.

Recently, the connect me. team noticed that they were receiving a lot of questions surrounding the process of interviews (for both internships and full-time opportunities) from ESCP students

Recognising this common concern, connect me. decided to gather insights from alumni and professionals to create a comprehensive guide for all ESCP students.

“We realised finding information on and preparing for interviews is a great point of stress for students and young professionals,”says Markus Ferres, ESCP international business student and member of connect me.


Every business student would like to know the magic formula to easily tackle any interview process they undertake and land their dream jobs.

However, while there is no single proven method to achieve this, there are multiple tactics students can employ to improve their chances significantly.

“There are so many tips out there, but no single source of information gives you everything you need to know,” explains Markus. “We fix exactly this issue.”

If you are interested in finding out how to crush your next interview, download connect me.’s full guide and gain access to their extensive library of preparation material.

Just subscribe to connect me.’s mailing list and instantly receive a personal copy.

Here is a sneak peak of what students can expect from the guide.


  • Learn how to utilise your existing network
  • Be tactical and identify the right positions to apply for and in what order


  • Understand the crucial why's and prepare powerful responses to every possible question
  • Learn how to nail every question with advanced response structuring methods


  • Be well-prepared, and know how to stay relaxed and be confident
  • Know what to do if you get stuck
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If you want to follow connect me., you can subscribe to their mailing list and check out their website. You can also follow them on Instagram and LinkedIn. If you wish to join their team, you can reach them directly via email. They are always looking for engaged ESCP students and are actively recruiting!