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In life as in business, everything starts with choices and ESCP has chosen to be stronger than the pandemic by offering a pioneering series of masterclasses on innovation and change during the crisis.

The pandemic will drive the increase in demand for new perspectives and skills in leaders capable of turning challenges into opportunities. ESCP Turin Campus has responded quickly to this need with the launch of a virtual executive programme.

In the context of the COVID-19 crisis, ESCP involved experts and faculty from all its campuses to offer a series of virtual lectures focusing on how businesses and individuals can understand, adapt, change and innovate during this pandemic.

More than 200 participants from the ESCP network, from MBA and Executive MBA participants to prospective participants, from Alumni to attendees of ESCP’s executive customised programmes, took part in the online programme "Drive Change Through Crisis", launched in April 2020.
Each of the six 2-hour masterclasses, hosted by as many distinguished ESCP professors, was exclusively designed for executives facing unpredictable challenges, who must innovate and re-think the way they do business.

"Ordo ab Chao: How to Find Order in a World of Chaos", hosted by Nicolas Kfuri, Visiting Professor of Innovation and Strategy, was the first webinar of the series. It was followed by “Build Resilience and Strategy during and after the Crisis” by Mark Esposito, Visiting Professor of Corporate Sustainability, Strategy and Economics. The third masterclass, “Thriving in the Instant Economic Crisis”, was hosted by Terence Tse, Full Faculty Professor of Entrepreneurship. Alessandro Lanteri, Visiting Professor of Strategy, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, hosted the webinar “Decision Making in Times of Crisis”, while the week after Vittorio De Pedys, Affiliate Professor of Finance and Management, presented “International Financial Markets Post-Crisis: What to do with your Money”. “Leading Through a Global Pandemic: How to build resilient and hopeful teams with purpose and humanity?”, by Lisa Xiong, Visiting Professor of Leadership and Management, concluded the successful series of webinars.

Professors examined the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis in terms of economics, trends, threats and leadership. They went through the most radical technological evolutions of our time, and discussed the new role of managers in this context.

Participants were enthusiastic about the quality and relevance of the contents delivered by ESCP professors.

Turin was the first ESCP campus affected by the coronavirus crisis due to the spread of the virus in Italy at the end of February. Schools and universities in the northern regions of the country were the first in Europe to close. Turin Campus had a quick and productive reaction, and has been delivering classes online since the beginning of March.

All activities were switched to 100% digital during the lockdown. In just a few weeks, the Turin Campus Executive team has proved its high value and competences by creating a wholly new and innovative online programme, capable of offering the critical skills needed to drive change through times of crisis.