Les Echos Dean Léon Laulusa reflects on his ESCP journey

French newspaper Les Echos delves into the transformative leadership of Léon Laulusa, ESCP's recently appointed dean and executive president. Contributing to ESCP’s growth since his arrival at the school in 2005, Laulusa's impact is explored, highlighting his strategic initiatives for the future and diving deeper into the recent success of ESCP's Executive MBA.

ESCP's Executive MBA Ascends Global Rankings

In the interview with Les Echos, Laulusa shares his pride in ESCP's Executive MBA, which was ranked 3rd worldwide in the 2023 Financial Times Global Executive MBA ranking. From his office at Porte de Champerret in Paris, France, the article captures Laulusa's excitement, providing readers with a glimpse into his vision for the next four years.

Inside ESCP: Laulusa's Ascension to Leadership

The article traces Laulusa's journey within ESCP, from a permanent professor in accounting to his roles overseeing international relations and eventually becoming the senior executive vice president. Les Echos emphasises the trust he has earned from key figures within the institution, shedding light on his deep understanding of ESCP.

A Personalised Leadership Style

Les Echos highlights Laulusa's immediate impact on ESCP's leadership team since he was appointed executive president and dean of the school in June 2023, focusing on his efforts to diversify and foster a more inclusive environment. As a practising Buddhist, Laulusa is dedicated to harmonious professional relationships and mutual respect. The article explores his plans for ESCP's future, including initiatives to welcome global talents and scholarship recipients.

Les Echos concludes its exploration of Léon Laulusa's journey, from professor to executive president, portraying his commitment to transforming ESCP into a globally recognised and inclusive institution.

Léon Laulusa, à bonne école

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