Joint STARbowl event of ESCP and Borderstep
Impact Business Models: Measure What Matters!

With increasing sustainability awareness among consumers and tightening regulation of corporate sustainability reporting and management, the question of how to assess and consider the environmental and social impacts of business activities is increasingly becoming a competitive factor. Consideration of sustainability performance and impact is thus not only a must for established companies but must also be taken into account as early as the product and business model development stage for startups and young companies..


At the STARbowl event “Impact Business Models: Measure What Matters!”, jointly organised by ESCP Business School Berlin Campus and Borderstep Institute for Innovation and Sustainability, we shed light on how impact assessment and management can be successfully integrated into the business model development of startups with practitioners, academics and policymakers.

Opening statements by Professor Florian Lüdeke-Freund from ESCP Business School on Sustainable Business Models, Professor Klaus Fichter, Director of Borderstep Institute, on Best Practices in Impact Management and the startup ZukunftMoor will provide inspiration for the subsequent FishBowl discussion and Impact Dialogue format with participants.

The dialogue event will take place on 13 November 2023, from 6 to 9 p.m. at the ESCP Business School Berlin, Heubnerweg 8-10, 14059 Berlin. Participation is free of charge. The number of places is limited. First come, first served! The event will be held in English.


  • 17:00 | Registration
  • 18:00 | Welcome
  • 18:15 | Opening statements
  • 18.40 | Fishbowl-Discussion
    • Moderation: Florian Lüdeke-Freund & Klaus Fichter
  • 19:15 | Moving Impact Forum (dialog format)
    • ESCP STAR: At this table, you have a chance to learn more about ESCP’s newest impact initiative, the centre’s upcoming events, programmes, and activities, and enter into an exchange on topics around research transfer, new educational formats, and community building for practitioners and professionals in the sustainability and impact arena. Facilitator: Anastasia Shevchenko, ESCP STAR
    • Impact Community: We will introduce the “Community for Impact Management and Measurement” (CIMM) and its mission to enhance impact competency through networking, research, knowledge transfer, and practical experimentation. We invite everyone to actively participate in building the CIMM Community, as your input and engagement are crucial to achieving our vision of advancing impact management and measurement in Germany. Facilitator: Dr. Thomas Neumann, Borderstep Institute
    • ESCP Blue Factory incubator: come to our table to meet Blue Factory members and learn about programs and activities supporting entrepreneurs from all over Europe. We will be happy to discuss with you how Blue Factory can impact the development of your business.
    • Rethinking the sustainable business canvas: At this table, we will discuss and evaluate the Sustainable Business Model Canvas and ask how it can be further developed and improved to serve as a collaborative tool for impact business model design. Facilitator: Alexandra Widrat, Borderstep Institute
    • Estimating the CO2 reduction potential of startups: We will gain insight into the GHG & Impact Estimator, a tool designed to estimate the CO2 reduction potential of startups. Using a specific assessment case, we discuss the challenges in the context of Climate Impact Assessment. Facilitator: Tim Grothey, Borderstep Institute
    • ZukunftMoor: Impact of wet peatlands: We are a startup specialising in agriculture on wet peatlands. Through the cultivation of each hectare, we annually mitigate 40 tons of CO2. Join us in discussing how we manage our impact. Facilitator: Lucas Gerrits, Start-up ZukunftMoor
    • Making climate protection investable for startups: Borderstep, together with ImpactNexus and SDG Investments, is developing highly automated tools for assessing the climate protection and sustainability potential of startups. How can you go beyond reporting? How can you create a positive impact? Facilitator: Dr. Constanze Trautwein, ImpactNexus (Borderstep Research Fellow)
  • 19:45 | Wrap-up
  • 20:00 | Get together


ESCP Berlin Campus
Borderstep Institute

Monday, 13 November 2023
6 p.m. - 9 p.m. (CET)

ESCP Berlin Campus

Heubnerweg 8-10
14059 Berlin

London Campus, ESCP Business School



Organiser: ESCP -

Berlin - Germany



Start date: 13/11/2023

Start time: 6:00 PM

End time: 9:00 PM