I am a Trainer, Coach, Management Consultant and Speaker, working for small and large companies with a need to develop or simply enhance the skills that their managerial and employee populations have already acquired in Talent Management, Intercultural communication, Team cohesion, Change Management, and/or Sales Force Effectiveness. Together we can assess and determine the kind of learning initiative that will have the greatest impact on individuals and organisational systems. I have skills in co-facilitation, transitions coaching, organisational change, and large-scale conference planning and facilitation (100-400 participants). I have experience working with simultaneous translation and translators in Europe, Africa and China.

Clients include Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi-Aventis, Integra, Total and affiliates, DCNS, Thales, GEODIS, Banque Pictet and public health and educational organisations. 40% of my work currently takes place outside of France. 25% of my time is dedicated to Executive and Transitions Coaching.

Specialties and certifications include personality assesments like Insights Discovery and MBTI, sales training using the Integrity Services models for Selling and Coaching sales teams, organizational and team development using emotional and relationship intelligence models, and coaching around transitions and change. I am delighted to be pursuing ORSC certification in 2014-2015 so that systemic coaching tools can be integrated into my practice.

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