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Find Your Future Managers

The corporate relations department as a key interface

The Company Relations department is the interface between students and companies, particularly in the area of internships and Company Consultancy Projects.
In-company internships and projects are an essential and mandatory part of each programme. They ensure that participants meet educational objectives to understand how the business world functions. Participants can also apply their skills to real-life situations and develop new competencies.
Our mission is to offer you access to a highly motivated, dynamic and culturally diverse student body of interns, apprentices and graduates.

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The corporate relations department as a key interface - ESCP

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ESCP provides companies with a complete internship management service.

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You will then be able to manage and modify your offers at any time.

Choose student profiles from the full range of ESCP programmes. If you are an ESCP partner, click here to access the new CV database on JobTeaser and select the students profiles and resumes that best meet your needs.


Berlin Campus

Michaela Wieandt
Careers Service
+49 (0)30 32 007 166

London Campus

Maria Tsianti
Head of Careers and
Student Services
+44 (0)20 7443 8818

Madrid Campus

Ramón Aragón Rodríguez
+34 (0)91 386 25 11

Paris Campus

Marianne Schou-Nielsen
Careers Centre
+33 (0)1 49 23 58 29

Turin Campus

Erica Brignolo
Company Relations
+39 011 670 58 91

The Apprenticeship in France,
Your Opportunity to Build the Future

As a company who hires apprentices, you are giving our high-potential students the opportunity to benefit from a rich and progressive mission. Benefits for you include:

  • Having access to diverse profiles, with different educational and cultural backgrounds
  • Bringing motivated and talented young people onto your functional and/or operational teams
  • Participating in the training of your future managers
  • Entering into a partnership with ESCP Business School and its faculty

An apprentice benefits from two skill-acquisition situations: through the academic curriculum and through real-life business practice.

ESCP therefore entrusts an important role to companies when they train apprentices.


Paris Campus

Julia Blau
Careers Advisor in charge of Apprenticeships


In order to post your apprenticeship offers, you can either connect to your company’s JobTeaser account or sign-up through this form. You will then be able to manage and modify your offers at any time.

Recruit apprentices in France

The Apprenticeship Tracks in France for Master in Management Students

ESCP's Apprenticeship Programme, a selective track in the Master in Management (Grande Ecole) programme, welcomes over 100 hundred students annually. Students who are selected complete a specialised curriculum co-designed by the School and the sponsoring company.

Alternating between periods at School and work, the apprentice  brings his academic learning to the company in a real-life work experience. The Apprentissage track  enables French companies to:

  • Actively participate in the education of an undergraduate student
  • Have access to a motivated and hard-working student over a long-term period
  • Benefit from an effective pre-recruitment method

ESCP Business School offers two tracks, of 24-month and 14-month duration. The students graduate at the end of their apprenticeship contract and are available for immediate recruitment by companies.

ESCP Business School is a partner of the CFA des Sciences

24-month track

  • Candidate profile
    Students are in their first Master year (M1), and have either completed the pre-master year at ESCP (grande école programme), or a business-related bachelor degree (licence) at an accredited university.
  • Work/study Schedule
    This course starts in August of year N and finishes in August N+2 during the M1 and M2 years of the Master in Management programme. In addition to the time spent in-company, it is made up of several study periods over the course of the 24 months, including a 4-month international exchange.

14-month track

  • Candidate profile
    The apprentices are in their second Master year (M2) and have some professional experience. They are therefore in the final years of their studies and have attained an advanced academic level and developed a well-defined career plan.
  • Work/study schedule
    The track starts in June of year N and finishes in August N+1. It consists of either blocks of a few months in-company/a few months in-class or weeks split between the company and the School.

Offer a job

Job offers are managed by the ESCP Alumni Association.

To post a job offer, send the job description as a MS Word document attachment to: emploi@escpalumni.org. Offers may target any type of candidate, from current students to executives, and can be consulted online by students and alumni on the ESCP Alumni Association website, in a protected access area.



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